Elevate is making its triumphant return to the Palm Springs Convention Center with room accommodations at the Renaissance Hotel located on-site! 

JULY 24-27


a copy that can be compared to the original. In Colossians 1, Paul goes into great detail to describe Jesus as the Original Edition—the visible image of an invisible God. He describes how all of real life flows from Jesus. He is center-stage of every created thing. He resides in the depths of every pure thought and motive. He is found in every great idea or grand design. He is the designer of the Church. He is the resurrection - defying death! He is the first and the last, absolutely nothing can outlast Him.

The Next Edition is not just a clever conference theme—it is you! You are the Hope of glory (Col. 1:27). You are the Light of the world (Mat.5:14). Believe it or not—You are what all of creation has been waiting for (Rom. 8:19)! Better get yourself ready for this year’s Edition... 


SYNERGY | 2019   

R  E  A  L  M

AUGUST 21-23

SYNERGY is our Leadership Development Conference. This is a time when we bring all of our church plants and extention campus locations home for a time of...

1. ENCOUNTER GOD as a global movement, we come together to experience His presence, power and freedom together.

2. CELEBRATE all that God is doing in all the cities that we have reached with the Gospel & love of Jesus Christ.

3. EQUIP equipping for the work of reaching the lost, restoring the broken, raising up new leaders and releasing all into purpose. 

4. EMPOWER the next Generation Leaders in reaching everyone they can with the love of God, the Gospel of Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit